Setting Aside a Work-in-Progress

I’ve decided to do something I’ve never done in my writing life. I’m setting aside my WIP to start something new. Why?

I scrubbed my refrigerator instead of writing on Tuesday.
Yesterday I spent my writing time filling my notebook with poorly-written poems.
Characters sparked by reading a newspaper article a few weeks ago won’t stop chattering at me.
I’ve been trying too hard to write a book with a BIG GIANT SKY HIGH concept. And it’s just not me.

Part of me feels like a quitter, putting aside something that I thoroughly researched & outlined with the fast-paced precision of the 4th sequel in an action movie franchise. I pounded out 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo. But I have to acknowledge that the story is not working. And I’m not working. Even my family is growing suspicious about the cleanliness of the house. Matched up socks? What?!?!?!

Maybe the marketplace wants novels that can be decorated with dark, doom and gloom covers with pessimistic views of the future. Someone else can write those books. I’ve got to stay true to myself & tell this new story about real people with real problems, not that having vampires in my backyard wouldn’t be a problem…

I’m excited!

5 thoughts on “Setting Aside a Work-in-Progress”

  1. Cool, Sydney! I'm glad you are going to work on something that really excites you. I love what you said: "Someone else can write those books." You're so right to be true to yourself! Thanks for the inspiring post!

  2. I think that is brave and fanstastic. I've been struggling myself with what the "market" wants and how they want you to push it. I do think you have to stay true to yourself. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Stacey Johnson (Tina Bellemy's writer friend :))

  3. It's tough isn't it, Stacey? The other problem comes with writing what the market seems to want while editors are meanwhile starting to acquire what the market wants next… Staying true to what makes you excited to write seems like the only way. And I kind of knew that, but… (Say "hi" to Tina for me, too!!!)


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