Other Kinds of Creativity

I’m just home from a jaunt through the Northwest. I brought books, notebooks, and my laptop, but I didn’t do any writing work. I simply appreciated other people’s creativity.

With sand:

Latte foam:

Salty soccer chants:

And lyrics. (Our marriage entered its last year as a teenager, so we took it to a My Morning Jacket concert.)

Watching others exercise their creativity always inspires me. So now I’m home with my notebook, adding characters like this cat who does fundraising for an animal shelter at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

3 thoughts on “Other Kinds of Creativity”

  1. I love the sand sculptures too! That's beautifully put, Miriam: "It always seems like such a brave art to me, to make something beautiful that's so easily destroyed." I agree. It looks like you had a wonderful time, Sydney!


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