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Next week my critique group is having our annual holiday breakfast. We always exchange small writerly gifts. And I have no idea what to do this year. Some of my favorite writerly gifts that I’ve received are:

A framed ornament of my first ever book cover. Both my critique partner & I wrote stories that appeared in Blooming Tree Press’ Summer Shorts anthology. I love seeing this on my tree & remembering how hard I’ve worked at writing for all these years.

A tote bag for all my critique group needs: notebooks, pens, books, and manuscript pages. And it’s true: if you’re interesting, in any good or bad way, I will put you in my novels! (That means YOU impressively grumpy woman at post office yesterday.)

I place all sorts of knick knacks on my writing desk, mostly so I can play with them when I get stuck. Or haven’t quite started yet… I was thrilled to receive this little framed message reminding me simply to WRITE. I loved that the message was composed in kitchen utensils because I also enjoy cooking.

The students at Two Rivers High School, where I’ve been teaching a class this fall, gave me this cute little journal. Now I always love a cute diary, whining, I mean writing, my way through several volumes each year. But this one is extra special because each student wrote a short message to me. I love peeking at the messages–especially on bad days!

What are you favorite things to give to writer friends or to receive from writing & reading friends?

(I need some ideas to borrow!)

5 thoughts on “Gifts for Writers”

  1. Several years ago, my then very young son made me a special present, all of his own creation. He cut several long strips of plain paper, bookmark-sized, and stacked them. He punched a whole in one of the stack, then tied them together with a beautiful ribbon. He called it a "bookmark-journal," and told me I should write down the thoughts and ideas I had while reading. It was simple, beautiful, and elegant, and I filled it up. I still treasure it, and think every writer (and reader!) should have one. 🙂

  2. Hmm. Nose jobs for my friends! Now that's a great gift idea. Sorry regular readers, someone's obviously leaving comments based on key words!

    Kathryn–I love buying myself writerly gifts at the library store. That's a great idea. Aren't those typewriter jewelry pieces amazing?


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