World Cup Fever!

World Cup fever has struck my house–with both my husband and daughter getting up early in the morning to watch the games. Now, I’ve been to my share of soccer matches, but I’m usually related to one of the players. Last night I went to my first pro game: The Real Salt Lake vs. The New England Revolution. I loved it!

First, the people watching was spectacular, the stadium beautiful, the burritos delicious.
Pro soccer players, unlike 4th graders, pass that ball around in amazing ways which is really fun to watch. Plus, our team scored five goals!
And I will never get tired of the bizarre bits of entertainment squeezed into professional sporting events. Last night we watched grown men spin around wearing ginormous KFC buckets before trying to kick goals. Hilarious! And then there were the huge balloon animals that danced and made farting noises. Bizarre!
I do have to say that 4th grade girls are much tougher than pro soccer players. They NEVER fall to the ground and writhe around in faux-pain when someone makes physical contact. Little girls just keep on playing.
In honor of the 4th of July, the game ended with fireworks. Wow! I can’t wait to go to another game.