Looking Forward to Shopping

I hate shopping for clothes (for anyone). And I’m not really fond of the mall–unless I’m hiding in the food court with my writing notebook eavesdropping on people and making up stories about them (someday I’ll find a story for that Hot Dog On A Stick girl…). But today I’m kind of excited about going to the mall. I’m actually looking forward to buying my daughter a whole bunch of new clothes!

My daughter has bravely endured two spinal surgeries–one for a benign tumor, a second to correct a curve resulting from the first surgery. Last May she found out that the rest of her spine had started to curve. And she’d have to wear a back brace for 23 hours a day. Every day. Not the greatest way to start junior high.

The thick plastic brace acted like a corset, squeezing her stomach so she couldn’t eat a full
meal, rubbing her skin red and raw, and, yeah, it gave her cleavage a nice boost, but finding clothes has been torture. Pants have to be bought a couple of sizes too big to fit around the bottom of the brace. T-shirts won’t work. An undershirt has to be worn under everything. Most teen girls love to shop, but my daughter dreads it.

Until today! We got great news at this year’s checkup. My daughter only has to wear the brace for 8 hours a day (at night). I’m so incredibly proud of the courage and grace with which my daughter has handled yet another physical challenge. So let’s shop M&M!!!

See you this afternoon Hot Dog On A Stick girl.