Happy Book Birthday!

Please welcome Not A Doctor Logan’s Divorce Book to the shelves! 

Writing this book came easy. I guess I’d been waiting all of my childhood to write this story. A few months later, the manuscript won first prize in the Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition. But finding a home for an issue-driven book proved a lot more difficult. It’s not the next Big Thing, but now this book can find the readers who need it, thanks to Character Publishing.

About The Book:

Until 107 days ago, eleven year old Logan had never heard of Dr. Donna’s Divorce Book. Now Mom has Dr. Donna quotes stuck all over the house. It’s up to Logan to put an end to all this nonsense and reunite her parents. In the meantime, she’s writing her own self-help book called, “Not-A-Dr.-Logan’s Divorce Book.”

As time passes, Logan’s attempts to make her parents fall back in love become more and more desperate. When acting out in school, calling a prayer hotline, and doing magic in the desert don’t force her parents back together, Logan begins to accept that her family may never be the same. Learning to dive on a team and making a new best friend help her to cope with her parent’s divorce, but will she ever truly be happy again? 

You can find it at:


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Leave a comment to win one of five copies–open to anyone in the world! 

Celebrating A New Book

I like to celebrate the various phases of the I’ve-got-an-idea to the completion of an actual book process. When I finish a first draft, I usually send myself a box of my favorite truffles (Legacy Chocolates), or in the case of my mummy manuscript, a box of pyramid & pharoah-shaped chocolates (thank you, Martine’s!). I celebrate small milestones because it can take a long, long time before a manuscript transforms into a real book.

That’s why I was thrilled to treat myself to this:

A still-frozen Pepperidge Farm coconut cake is how I celebrated my completed first draft of Not-A-Dr. Logan’s Divorce Book many years ago. I ate another one when it won first place in the Utah Art’s Council Original Writing contest. The cake features in the story as part of the “Signs Your Mom Has Had A Bad Day” section of Logan’s own book. And it’s an inside joke with my mother–I only recently realized that most people wait to eat these things after they’ve defrosted. Let’s just say I borrowed that bit of fiction from real life.

I’m pleased to announce that I have eaten my third Pepperidge Farm cake! Not A Dr. Logan’s Divorce Book will be published by Character Publishing on May 1st. YAY!!!

Confession: I don’t think I can force myself to chow down on another partially-frozen Pepperidge Farm cake. I might make my own much more delicious and moist coconut cake on May 1st!