Could Frankenstein Pull Off High Heels?

OR She shook her long, shiny blond-streaked hair, and laughed with her friend. Her short gold dress hugged all the right curves, showcasing her long slender legs. And she wore glittering, strappy high-heeled sandals. Gorgeous, right? Almost…
She sounded like a Clydesdale clomping across the marble tiles in The Venetian Casino. Worse, she lurched like Frankenstein’s monster as she walked with stiff legs and hips, thudding the toe of her shoes onto the floor.
She didn’t know how to walk in high heels. Neither did her friend.
Now it would’ve been nice if we’d decided as a culture that fuzzy bedroom slippers were super sexy with evening wear. But we didn’t. So women torment their feet with high heels, often struggling down the street in an awkward, tilting, wobbling or stomping gait.
If you’re going to wear them, learn how to walk in them.
Step one: Heel, Toe! Just like you would walk in flat shoes, place your heel on the floor first, following quickly with the sole of your shoe, rolling your foot from the heel to the toe.
Step two: Point your toes forward. Otherwise you will waddle like a duck.
Step three: Swing Your Arms. Not only does it help with balance, you’ll look confident and carefree–you know, fun.
Step four: Watch your posture: head up, shoulders back, stomach strong, legs straight yet relaxed.
Step five: Walk with smooth, even steps. You might have to shorten your stride.
Step six: Practice! Your family and friends might tease you, but when you’re out on the town, trying to impress in Vegas, at the prom, on a first date, etc., etc., you’ll look fabulous, confident, and, yes, gorgeous.
Need a visual? Here’s a video about walking in heels:
Other than watching too many young women struggle to walk in their cute high-heeled shoes, I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas. I spoke at the Nevada region’s SCBWI conference and met so many wonderful, talented writers and illustrators. Keep plugging along, everyone!