Little Free Library Update

With the colder weather, I haven’t been seeing much action at my Little Free Library, but a few Fridays ago I had my favorite “librarian” moment! 

Driving home from junior high drop-off, I saw two little girls in pajamas running down the street with books clutched to their chests. Aw! They’ve been to my library. A few minutes later, a car screeched to a halt outside my house, and a girl got out, leaving the car door swinging open. Book emergency! 
I figured the neighborhood elementary school must have been holding a Read-a-Thon. I even spotted the sporty boy who lives a few houses down choosing a novel.
Maybe some of these kids will turn into lifelong readers! Fingers crossed.

Finally! I get to be a librarian!

For many years now, I’ve often wished that I’d become a librarian. One of my college work-study jobs was shelving books in the beautiful Penrose Library on Whitman College’s campus, and I loved the quiet hours and discovering so many books about so many different things.

Okay, so, I have to admit that I harbor the misconception that librarians get to hang out at the checkout desk reading all day. Ssh! The one job where you don’t get in trouble for reading! I know that’s not how the job actually works, but wouldn’t that be the best thing ever?

I’ve finally found a way to be a sort-of librarian: I put a Little Free Library in my yard!

The design was inspired by the red schoolhouse in Vermont where I learned to love reading. Now, I have so much fun watching neighborhood kids sprawled on my lawn paging through books. The other day I caught some YA-types carrying off armfuls of novels. I only wish more grownups would comeā€¦ I feel sad that most adults read phones instead of books, but I’m still hopefully stocking my library with hot titles. Gone Girl, anyone?

If you’ve ever wanted to be a librarian, check out the Free Little Library movement: