True Beauty

Okay so I have to begin with a bit of a confession: I love bad television. Since I’m a bit ashamed of some of my TV watching habits, I tape certain shows and watch them while I exercise. In the basement. I’m always on the lookout for good Treadmill Television.

Recently I started taping True Beauty on ABC. It’s a beauty contest for astonishingly vain, but attractive men and women. The catch? They’re judging inner beauty too. So I’m trudging along, working up a sweat, watching good-looking people talk about how they know they’re so gorgeous. And it’s fascinating to me because I’ve never really felt that way.
And then these beauties start misbehaving–you know, nasty comments, backstabbing, lying, ignoring the plight of those around them, and all that run-of-the-mill Reality TV stuff (I really do watch my share of bad television).
But I start thinking about how I can’t separate someone’s personality from his/her looks. All my life, I’ve known people who are physically attractive, but I just couldn’t see it anymore because of the way they behave.
To protect the not-so-innocent, I’ll give a Hollywood example. I was, er, quite fond of Matthew McConaughey–I loved the Sweaty McConaughey movie (some call it A Time To Kill), the Sexy Priest movie (otherwise known at Contact), but then I saw him on Oprah. And he talked about drilling a hole in the floor of his custom van so he could pee through a funnel right onto the pavement! Um, yeah. Suddenly he just wasn’t that cute.
While it’s always fun to ogle physical beauty, I find that I just don’t want to spend time with people unless they’re attractive on the inside–interesting, intelligent, kind, curious, funny, adventurous, open-minded… My list of inner qualities is a lot longer than the basic tall, dark, and handsome stuff that you have to be born with. 
What’s on your hubba-hubba inner beauty list?