Neko Case: Pure Talent

We found a great spot (oh-so close to the stage!) for the Neko Case concert on Saturday night. I was struck by the fact that Neko wasn’t wearing makeup, dressed kind of like a soccer mom, and wore super comfy shoes. She didn’t use props and her only costume change consisted of tucking tassels into her pleasant blouse when she played guitar because they got in the way.

Neko simply delivers the goods: absolutely gorgeous singing.

Pure talent doesn’t need a lot of glitz. Sometimes I think singers with mediocre voices hide behind skimpy outfits, slinky dance numbers, and outrageous staging. I’m pretty sure there’s a writing lesson in there somewhere…

But wouldn’t you rather hear Neko sing for yourself? Here’s a clip of Neko all dressed up on the Letterman show:


Hope you’re enjoying summertime art opportunities too!