Did you like your nose in high school?
No—I thought it was way too big.
Do you like your nose now?
My nose will never be my favorite feature, but I’m okay with it. We have an agreement.
What’s your favorite smell?
Vanilla, or maybe baking bread, and then there’s something about sautéing onions…Okay, I’m hungry now.
Cake or ice cream?
Both, but not at the same time.
Chocolate or flowers?
Chocolate. (Sometimes I send myself chocolates, just for fun.)
Violin or guitar?
Both—especially the way Andrew Bird does it—but I used to play the violin.
Ferris wheel or roller coaster?
Roller coasters!
Stick shift or automatic?
I’m very proud of my stick shift abilities, even if I’m not so good at, you know, backing up.
Do you like yoga?
I do like yoga—so relaxing, yet physically demanding.
Waterskiing or snow skiing?
Both—but I’m much better at snow skiing.
Do you like to travel?
Yes!!!! My goal is to travel to every continent.
Have you ever been to Mexico?
Yes. I especially love exploring the Yucatan.
Do you speak Spanish?
Un pequito (a little)
What’s your favorite family vacation?
Exploring Alaska with my husband and daughters.
Shade or sunscreen?
I love sunshine so I slather on the sunscreen.

Mild, medium, or spicy?
Tacos or enchiladas?
Enchiladas, but it’s close.
Have you ever swum in an underground river?
Yes—and it inspired a whole section of Jungle Crossing.
What about a cenote?
I loved splashing in the cool, clean water.
What’s your favorite pyramid to climb?
I’ve explored several pyramids, but the view from Nohoch Mul in Coba is amazing.
Have you ever held a monkey?
Yes—and he wrapped his tail around my waist and held my hand. So cute!
What about an iguana?
Talk to my mother if you want to see the really embarrassing photos.
Swimming pool or ocean?
Ocean—especially if I can snorkel.
Plain or peanut M&Ms?
Do you make lists?

  1. They make me feel organized.
  2. I like crossing things off.
  3. A finished list make me feel accomplished.

Adventure tour or relax on the beach?
Give me adventure! I can relax at home.
What’s your favorite sport?
Skiing. It’s the only one I’m any good at.
Inner tube or water slide?
Water slide—I like to go fast!
Popsicle or ice cream cone?
Ice cream cone (chocolate). I really don’t get popsicles.
Do you read advice columns?
Yes, while I’m eating my breakfast cereal. I get a lot of writing ideas from advice columns.
What do you like on your hamburger?
Mmm….bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado. Load it up!
Soda or milkshake?
Chocolate milkshake.
Have you ever babysat a bulldog?
He was a noisy eater and he snored loud.
What’s your favorite element on the periodic table?
Bad boys or nice guys?
Nice guys, of course.
How many stuffed animals do you have at your house?
I think I’ll need a special mathematical formula to calculate that.
How many real animals?
Six! Two dogs, two cats, two tortoises.
Do you blog?
See www.mybignose.blogspot.com
Hiking or biking?
I love to go hiking with my dogs and daughters (in the winter I go snowshoeing).
Hotel or camping?
I grew up camping with my family, but now I prefer hotels. It’s a treat to have someone make my bed for me.


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